Zombie Hash Rules:

Note: These rules were used during previous Zombie Hashes and may change a little for this year's event.

A Zombie Hash is completely different than a normal hash, so there are a few different guidelines that need to be made clear.  If this is your first one, then definitely pay attention to these instructions.

Finger lights will be given out to every hasher. Turn your finger light on if you get tagged/infected by a zombie. Once you turn on your light, you become a zombie. Blue finger lights found on trail are extra lives. Hand them over to the zombie if you are tagged and continue on on trail as an uninfected pack member. Don't run into the middle of a street to escape. SS is not a hash halt. BS is a hash halt. Get to the BS and ON-IN without being infected to be considered a survivor. Pretty Simple.

Zombie Hash Rules

1.   Be SAFE! If you run across a major road to get away from a zombie you will automatically be considered infected.
2.  Each hasher gets 1 finger light. Wear this on trail with you but do NOT turn it on yet.
3.  If a zombie tags you, you are now infected you must turn on your finger light to let the other survivors know that you are now a zombie. You must turn on your finger light before you can start infecting other survivors.
4. Extra lives (BLUE finger lights) can be found on trail. If you get tagged hand over (or drop) your extra life and the zombie that caught you must hold (or pickup) your finger light and stay in place for 1 minute. There is no limit to the number of extra lives someone can have.
5. There is a Zombie Shot Stop on trail. While this shot stop can be for anybody it is NOT a “safe zone” and is NOT a hash halt. If you are a survivor and want to have a shot, be our guest, but the zombies may be right behind you. There will be a survivor shot/treat at the end of trail, so maybe wait until then to get your buzz on. But there will be extra lives at the shot stop, so may be it’s worth stopping there.
6.Once inside the perimeter of the Beer Stop (BS) you are safe and cannot be infected. The BS is also a hash halt! Enjoy the beer and shots and wait for the rest of the pack to arrive.
7.  You must make it to the BS to be considered a survivor at the end. No skipping the booze!
8.You will have survived the entire zombie apocalypse if you made it to the BS and On-In without being infected.