Jan 27th - Feb 3rd, 2024
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Hash or Ni
ck Name



Cabin Mate(s)


1 017 5O'TwatShadow F Tidewater H3 Virginia Beach VA RobinMySoap Wants a tank top.
2 028 AmbienSex F Bay2Beaches H3 Tampa, FL TaintlessSuperman Wants a tank top.
3 029 N/A Bedsheets F ASU H3 Asuncion, Paraguay Hazukashii On Haz's NCL casino comp.
4 007 Blo-N-Go F Jolly Roger H3 Tampa, FL DarkHelmet Wants a Men's T-shirt. RA.
5 033 Bloweinkle F None Carthage, NC KiltedBigWave Paid in cash and was given no-show' Just MichaelC's REGO
6 024 N/A Claustrofeelya F TTTH3 Norfolk, VA N/A Does not want a cabin mate.
7 002 N/A Dabadoo M Jolly Roger H3 Tampa, FL


GM & Hare: Photo Shoot Trail.
8 008 Dark Helmet M Jolly Roger H3 Tampa, FL Blo-N-Go RA.
9 030 Fartacus M Skull & Boners H3 Hartford, CT MichaelC  
10 032 Fluff4Fk F IEH3 Rodchester, NY U-Drive  
11 003 N/A GayRodeoClown F Jolly Roger H3 Tampa, FL


Artist, Haberdasher & Game Host.Wants a tank top.
12 004 N/A Hazukashii M Vagabond Tampa, FL Bedsheets NCL casino comp. Hare in Ocho Rios.
13 013 InHerC*ntinentalMissile M SVH3 San Jose, CA TitsOnDemand  
14 025 N/A JustEdS M St Pete H3 Tampa/St Pete, FL   Wants cabin mate.
15 005 JustEricR M Jolly Roger H3 St Louis, MO JustJenniferR JRH3 Assistant Travel Agent.
16 006 JustJenniferR F Jolly Roger H3 St Louis, MO JustErickR JRH3 Travel Agent & Hash Flash.
17 015 KiltedBigWave M Southern Pines H3 Carthage, NC Just GingerC Purchased extra goody bag for cabin mate.
18 020 LadyGagGag F NPH3 Tampa, FL RectalRoomMate  
19 012 N/A LIFA M Chicago H3 Chicago, IL N/A Does not want a cabin mate.
20 016 MarcoHomo M Baltimore H3 Baltimore, MD   Looking for cabin mate. JustDawn will be a no show.
21 009 MathSucks.. F DC Road Whores Tampa/St Pete, FL ShittingBull Mistress Of Mayhem. Prefers tank top.
22 010 PayPerView F Daytona Beach H3 Daytona Beach, FL TourDuhWhore
23 001 PigInHeat F ExaH3 Hollywood, FL SuckItUpDaisy Hare in Cozumel.
24 019 RectalRoomMate M JRH3 Tampa, FL LadyGagGag RA.
25 018 RobinMySoap M Tidewater H3 Virginia Beach, VA 5O'TwatShadow  
26 026 ShittingBull M Jolly Roger H3 Tampa, FL MathSucks..  
27 024 SukitUpDaisy F JRH3 Tampa, FL PigInHeat  
28 023 SwissButt-Cheese F Little Rock H3 Little Rock, AK Turd  
29 027 TaintlessSuperman's M Jolly Roger H3 Tampa, FL AmbienSex  
30 014 TitsOnDemand F SVH3 San Jose, CA InHerC*ntinentalMissile  
31 011 TourDuhWhore M Daytona Beach H3 Daytona Beach, FL PayPerView
32 022 Turd(2) M Little Rock H3 Little Rock, AK SwissButt-Cheese  
33 031 U-Drive... F Tampa Bay H3 Tampa/St Pete, FL Fluff4Fk Wants a men's T-shirt.
Non-Rego'd/Hashers, Family & Friends In The Group
34 N/A ChristineQ F - TBD TimothyQ Non-hasher friend of MathSucks.
35 N/A DonnaL F   St Louis, MO NancyR Non-hasher relative of Dab. Prefers men's T.
36 N/A ElizabethH F   Cocoa Beach, FL JohnH Non-hasher friend of ShittingBull
37 N/A JohnH M   Cocoa Beach, FL ElizabethH Non-hasher friend of ShittingBull
38 N/A NancyR F   St Louis, MO DonnaL Non-hasher relative of Dab.
39 N/A SexInOldPlaces M TBD TBD SexInOldPlacesGuestJessicaW Non-participating named hasher.
40 N/A SexInOldPlacesGuestJessica F - TBD SexInOldPlaces Non-participating friend of SexInOldPlaces.
41 N/A TimothyQ M - TBD ChristineQ Non-hasher friend of MathSucks.
Totals 41 35            

√ = Accomplished
N/A = Not Apllicable