Religious Advisor & On Sec/Hash Cash Schedule
(Receding Hareline with the RA & On Sec schedule added)

RAs & OnSecs please confirm you will or will not be attending and intend to act as the capacity as shown below where there are question marks (?). Please email to confirm or deny..

Trail #




Religious Advisor OnSec &
Hash Cash

1395 Wed, Feb 6th Miguel's Mexican &Seafood Grill Trail Black And Decker Anal Wrecker 2 Thighs Puppy  
1396 Wed, Feb 13th Valentines Day Eve Trail Dark Helment Virgin Mobile Puppy  
1397 Sat, Feb 16th Treasure Island Bicycle Hash GRC Dark Helmet Dab  
1398 Wed, Feb 20th Virgin Mobile's 6th JRH3 Lay Virgin Mobile Black&PeckerAnalWrecker Dab  
1399 Wed, Feb 27th Virgin Mobile's 7th JRH3 Lay Virgin Mobile Rectal Dark Helmet/Tootsie Hole


1400 Sat, Mar 3nd JRH3 1400th Trail Metawhorical Sunshine Bloody Sanchez Dab/TootsieHole  
1401 Wed, Mar 6th Rectal Room Mate's 39th JRH3 Lay Rectal Room Mate Bloody Sanchez Dab  
1402 Wed, Mar 13th Tootsie Hole's Cold Beerlight Savings Trail Tootsie Hole 2Thighs, and BPAW BPAW  
1403 Sat, Mar 16th Green Dress/Dress Green Hash GRC Virgin Mobile Virgin Mobile  
1404 Wed, Mar 20th Puppy's Beer Day Trail Puppy Bloody Sanchez Tootsie Hole  
1405 Wed, Mar 27th HPV's - Henry & Ola Park Trail HPV Rectal Dark Helmet  
1406 Wed, Apr 23rd Peabody's Games & Billiards Trail BloodySanchez & Where'sBaldo 2Thighss Puppy  
1407 Wed, Apr 10th BPAW's 16th JRH3 Lay BPAW Virgin Mobile Dark Helmet  
1408 Sat, Apr 13th Just Mike's Beer Day Hash 2 Thighs Metawhorical Sunshine Dab  
1409 Wed, Apr 17th Just Alex M's Virgin Lay Just Alex & Bloody Sanchez  Dark Helmet Tootsie Hole  
1410 Wed, Apr 24th Just Michael's Virgin Lay Just Michael O & Dab Virgin Mobile Puppy  
1411 Wed,  May 1st Just Angela's Virgin Lay Just Angela & Suck It Up Daisy Rectal and BPAW BPAW  
1412 Wed,  May 8th Nickle City Sushi & Sports Bar Trail Black & Pecker Anal Wrecker Bloody Sanchez Tootstie H  
1413 Wed,  May 15th Brandon - O'Toole's Trail Dark Helmet Virgin Mobile Dab  
1414 Wed,  May 22nd Tutu Hash JustAngela & HPV 2 Thighs & BPAW Puppy  
LUSH Sat, May 25th Treasure Island Memorial Day Weekend Hash 2 Inches Lady Boy & Dr Sew Yur Sak 2 Thighs The hares/hosts  
1415 Wed,  May 29th Open Open Open Open  
1416 Sat, Jun 1st Kitty Litter's Celebration Of Life Trail & Social Where's Baldo Open Open  
1417 Sat, Jun 8th Open Open Open Open  
LUSH Sat, Jun 5th Kick Ball Hash Where's Baldo Open Open  

? Not yet confirmed, waiting to hear from individual. Z z