Jolly Roger H3 - Trail #1364
Wed, Oct 10th, 2018
Metewhorical Sunshine's
Quakersteak And Lube Trail

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Hare Toast

Here's to Metawhorical Sunshine
She's our hare
Her trail is pre-laid
In case you care

This trail is dead
So, no need to go fast
You can't catch the hare
Just try not to be last

The shiggy level
Will probably be less than a two
Nothing too hard
That you can't get through

Its gonna get dark
So make sure you have a light
We don't want you to get hurt
Because it turns night

Repeat After Me!

Coppus no catch us
Doggus no bite us
Hare do delight us

In the name of the flour, the fun
And the shitty run

 Hare! Which way is on out?

Created by Dab

Hare, RA, OnSec/Hash Cash, FRB, FBI & Brainless Award Winner (Basic Hash Trash)

Metawhorical Sunshine was the hare, Bloody Sanchez was the RA, Virgin Mobile was the OnSec/Hash Cash and the FRB, Blue Oyster C'nt was the FBI and Dab won the Brainless award for getting lost on trail. We welcomed visitor Insane Clown Pussy2 from Seattle (I think).

Approximate Map of True Trail

Coming soon, maybe.

Event Info

RSVPs: Go to the "public" Facebook site at, send an email to, or send a text to 813-943-4855 to RSVP.

What: Running trail based on the old English school boy's Hares & Hounds game (walkers & bicyclists welcome too).

Where: Quakersteak And Lube, SW parking lot, 10400 49th St N, Clearwater, FL 33762
On Before/Dinner & Drinks: 5:30 - 6:30 PM, in Quakersteak And Lube.

Check In: 6:30-7:30 PM, Quakerstate And Lube rear parking lot.

Trail: 7:30 PM, 3+ mi, shiggy level TBD (1-5 scale) trail.

Hash Cash: $7 ($4 for non-beer drinkers).

Hare: Metawhorical Sunshine.

On After: Quakersteak And Lube.
Phone Number: 813-943-4855.