Jolly Roger H3 - Trail #1268
Wed, Jul 19th, 2017
No F'cka Da Ballz
Virgin JRH3 Lay

Where: Behind the Executive Bldg, 9887 4th St N, St Petersburg, FL 33702, Its on the east side of 4th street on the cutoff road that makes a short cut to Gandy.
When: 6:30 PM, off at 7:30 PM.

Trail: 3+ mi, beer stop, a shiggy level 1, on a 
1-5 scale.

Hare: No F'cka Da Ball and Just Sheryl B (virgin lay)

Hash Cash: $7 ($4 non-beer drinkers).

On After: St Pete Sand Bar & Grill, 10056 Gandy Blvd N, St Petersburg, FL 33702,

Phone Number: 813-943-4855.