Jolly Roger H3 - Trail #1217
Sat, Nov 26th, 2016
U-Drive's Crazy Hat Bicycle Hash (BASH) And Hash Raffle!
Home Depot on Bruce B Downs

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Hare Blessing

Beer Blessing
Rectal Room Mate

Hare, FRB, FBI & Brainless Award Winner (Basic Hash Trash)
ust Ben

U-Drive was the hare, Rectal was the RA, Manchowder Cha Cha was the FRB, Ping Pong Penis Paddler was the FBI, and HPV won Brainless Award. Yours truly Dabadoo acted as Hash Cash and On Sec, while HPV acted as Hash Flash and Raffle Meister. Gay Rodeo Clown won the best crazy hat/helmet. Just Dave (G) was named Shitty Stripper Face and Just Sandy (G) was named Pot In The Box.

Approximate Map of Trail

Coming soon, maybe?

Trail Directions & Info

Theme:  Ride a bicycle on trail (or do a shorter foot trail) while wearing a crazy looking hat or decorated helmet.

Where: In front of the Old Winn Dixie 17627 Bruce B Downs Blvd, Tampa, FL 33647,, next to Home Depot,

When:  3 PM, on off at 4 PMish.

Directions: From I-75 & I-4, go north on I-75 for 8.1 miles to Exit 270. Go right/east on Bruce B Downs Blvd for 0.7 miles. Turn right in front of the 7-11 and find the starting location on the left of the Home Depot parking lot.

Trail: 8-10 miles, shiggy level 1, on a 1-5 scale. Plus a zipline somewhere along trail.

Hare: U-Drive will be the hare.

Hash Cash: $7 ($4 for non-beer drinkers).

Hash Raffle: Bring stuff to donate if you like (hash shirts, mugs, porn, etc), or not. You don't have to bring something to get something. One hashers trash is a pirate hasher's treasure.

On After: Vuelo Mexican Grill, 17641 Bruce B Downs Blvd, Tampa, FL 33647. To get there from the start, go

Phone Number: 813-943-4855. 

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