JRH3 Trail #1210
Sat, Oct 15th, 2016

Mr Dunderbak's Oktoberfest Hash
Near Mr Dunderbak's on Bruce B Downs

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Hare Blessing

Standard Blessing

Kitty Litter

Hare, FRB, FBI & Brainless Award Winner (Basic Hash Trash)

Yours truly Dabadoo (YTD) was the hare, Kitty Litter was the RA, Tongue In Cheek was the FRB, Blow-N-Glow was the FBI and YTD won the Brainless Award. YTD collected hash cash, acted as On Sec and brought the beer, etc (as GMs do when they can't pawn it off on somebody else) and HPV & Suck My Strap on acted as Hash Flash.

Approximate Map of Trail

Trail Directions & Info

Where: Meet on the east side of the dentist office, https://goo.gl/maps/83BuBq3sja62, located at 15045 Bruce B Downs Blvd Tampa, FL 33647, https://goo.gl/maps/fwCoTY5cdon. Its in the Palm Center, which is the over flow parking lot for Mr Dunderbak's Biergarten and Brewery, located just SW of the start.

When: Meet at 1:30 PM, on off at 2:30 PM (Please note the early start time that is necessary to ensure we get into Mr Dunderbak's, as a group, before they get too busy).

Directions: From I-275 & I-4, in central Tampa, go north on I-275 for 8 miles to Exit 53. Go right/east on Bearss Ave for 2 miles, left on Bruce B Downs for 1 mile and find the Quest Martial Arts on the right just past Gilligan's Way, https://goo.gl/maps/hVHwa.

Trail: This will be a 3+ mile with a shiggy level of 1, on a 1-5 scale, with 5 being the toughest.

Hares: Yours truly, Dabadoo, will be the hare.

Donations: $7 for beer drinkers and $4 for non-beer drinkers.

On After: The on after will be at the Mr Dunderbak's, an awesome German Restaurant that will be having Oktoberfest specials going on. Dunderbak's is located at 14929 Bruce B Downs Blvd, Tampa, FL 33613, back near the start. To get there from the starting location, go left on Bruce B Downs, make the first left onto Gilligan's Way, right into the parking lot and find Dunderbak's on the left, https://goo.gl/maps/eF78K.

RSVP: Please let us know if you will attending and if you plan to eat at Mr Dunderbak's after trail, so we can try to reserve you a seat. This is a rather small restaurant with limited seating so your RSVP is very important.

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Phone Number: For more information, or in case you get lost, call our mobile phone at 813-943-4855.

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