Jolly Roger H3 - Trail #1204
Wed, Sep 7th, 2016
Dab's Beer Day - Pick Up Hash
Press Box

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Hare Blessing

Pick Up Hash Blessing

Will Sing For Head

Hare, FRB, FBI & Brainless Award Winner (Basic Hash Trash)

Dabadoo, Dog F'r, Kitty Litter, Booblilocks, Locked Up Abroad, Tongue In Cheek, 2 Thighs And A Side & Metawhorical Sunshine were the pick up hares (Did I miss anybody? If so, tell me and I will add your name here). Will Sing For Head was the RA, Locked Up Abroad was the FRB, Boobilocks was the FBI, and yours truly Dabadoo won Brainless Award for doing a pick up hash as my Beer Day Trail. And a special thanks goes out to Rectal for moving the beer truck to the end for us even though he didn't do trail because he didn't feel well. And thanks to everyone who came out early for the on before at the Press Box. It was a great Beer Day Hash for me!

Note: Since we have been doing a lot more pick up hashes in recent years, the way we have been doing pick up hashes has been evolving. Originally, years ago, we gave the hare a 5 minute head start and never saw him/her again, except at a pre-designated beer stop. Then we dropped that down to about 2 minutes and eliminated the beer stop(s). This improved things but we still hardly ever caught the first hare. Most recently we have reduced the hares time to 1 minute, which works the best so far, I think, so we have been sticking with a 1 minute h'd start for the hares. Then we suggested less hare marks, like no count back and no false trails because the hares really don't have the time to lay those. And we are suggesting the elimination of ladies checks and package checks because these only give the hare more time to set trail when the objective is to ensure the hares get caught, whereby giving almost everyone a chance to hare. And we suggested that you cannot catch the hare that caught you until someone else catches them first to eliminate the hares from winding up just being the 2 fastest hashers. And most recently we have suggested the hare never lay trail more than about 10 minutes each. Once about 10 minutes is reaches, we are suggesting the hares stop setting trail, hide and wait for the runners to pass him/her in an effort to get the slower hashers a chance to catch the hares. These changes appear to me (Dabadoo) to be improving pick up hashes/making them more fun. What do you think? Send you input to Jolly Roger Hash House Harriers Facebook at for everyone to read.

Map of Trail

Not this time.

Trail Directions & Info

heme: Due to popular demand, this hash will be a pick up hash! Click here for "Pick Up Hash" info.

Where: Meet in the left rear parking lot of the Press Box Sports Emporium & Eatery, located at 222 S Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33609,

When: Meet at 6:30 PM, on off at 7:30 PM. Come early, around 5 PMish, and have dinner and drinks in the Press Box if you'd like.

Directions: From I-275 and Dale Mabry, in central Tampa, go south on Dale Mabry for 0.7 miles and find the Press Box on the left, 2 blocks south Kennedy,

Trail: This will be a 1 hour pick up hash trail with and a shiggy level of 1, on a 1-5 scale, with 5 being the toughest.

Safety: Bring a flashlight, or wear a h'd lamp, as it will be getting dark on the later part of trail. Watch out for safety hazards along trail! Try to stay with the pack, or at least one other person. Nobody should ever do trail alone. If you see anyone behind you, alone on trail, slow down and wait for them.

Hash Cash: $7 for beer drinkers and $4 for non-beer drinkers.

Hare: Dab will be the hare and the beer day boy.

On After: The on after will be at the Press Box, back at the start.

Hareline: Click here to view it.