Cash Donations, During the Dec 2nd, 2015 JRH3 Hash;

$6 Just Shawn (M)
$6 PoopTheMajicDragonQueen
$8 ClockBlocker...
$10 BLT
$6 FailureToLaunch
$3 HPV
$1 SpicyDickSlapper
$13 F’Up
+$1 Just Nikole(S)
$54 Make A Wish Transaction #150131

If you made a cash donation during this hash and your name does not appear above, or the amount is wrong, let me know,

The following "on-line" donation(s) were made by JRH3 hasher(s);

$50 2ThighAndASide
$54 Dab

Total donation during the Dec 2nd, 2015 JRH3 Hash;



Anybody out there desiring to make a direct donation as part of the Hashit Across American can do so by going to…/TR/FriendsandFam…/Make-A-WishAmerica….