Trail #1130
Oct 30th, 2015
Halloween Costume - Zombie Hash

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Hare Blessing

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Pick Up Hash Blessing
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Standard Blessing
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Standard Blessing With Poem (not used)

F'ckle Up

Hare, FRB, FBI & Brainless Award Winner (Basic Hash Trash)

IndaLinda, F'Up, Cockeyed, JustCandice & WhenFairyMetSally were  the hares,F'Up was the RA, Puppy was the FRB, These Are The Tits You Are Looking For was the FBI and Holey Poley won the Brainless Award. Access collected hash cash, 2 Thighs was the OnSec and Inda Linda drove the beer truck.


Map of Trail

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Trail Directions & Info

Theme: Feel free to dress up for this trail. It's our Halloween hash so come prepared to survive the Zombie Apocalypse in a sweet costume. DO NOT come dressed as a zombie. The hares should be the only zombies, at the start anyway! This is different than your normal trail. Instead of the pack chasing the hares, the hares chase the pack, as zombies. And if a zombie touches you, you're dead! You then become a zombie yourself and you get to run down the rest of the pack and spread the disease to create more zombies! The only way to survive is to make it to the beer stop/safe zone and then the on-in (end of trail) without getting touched by a zombie.orClick here to read complete Zombie Hash Rules.

Where: Meet in the front parking lot of the Mattress & Furniture Supercenter, located at 2719 Adamo Dr, Tampa, FL 33605,, across the street (Adamo) to the south of the Coppertail Brewery. However, DO NOT PARK HERE! Suggest you park in the dirt lot diagonally across the street (Adamo) to the NW/across the street (N 26th St) to the W of Coppertail Brewery (the on after), or immediately next door to the west at Ikea and walk to the start.

When: Meet at 6:30 PM, on off at 7:30 PM.

Directions: From I-275 and I-4, in central Tampa, go east on I-4 for 0.2 miles. Take exit 1 to 21st St. Go right on 21st St for 0.6 miles. Go left on Adamo St for 0.4 miles and find the Mattress & Furniture Supercenter on the right,

Trail: This will be a 4 mile pre-laid trail, with and a shiggy level of 3, on a 1-5 scale, with 5 being the toughest. Trail will not be very dog friendly, but the hares/zombie can provide a work around for those less able to be as adventurous.

Hares/Zombies: F'ckle Up, Inda Linda, When Fairy Met Sally, Cockeyed and possibly more, will be the zombies.

Hash Cash: Normal $7 for beer drinkers and $4 for non-beer drinkers. The cost for Zombie Hash supplies, shots and prizes is graciously being absorbed by Inda Linda. THANK YOU! And the cost for the toe tags is being supplied by the JRH3 at not extra cost to you.

RSVP: Send your RSVP to RSVPs by Thu night, Oct 29th, and get a "personalized" event toe tag.

Who's Coming: Click here to see who's coming so far.

Safety: This trail will be in the dark, so make sure you bring a flashlight or headlamp and wear reflective clothing. Watch out for safety hazards along trail! Try to stay with the pack, or at least one other person. Nobody should ever do trail alone. If you see anyone behind you, alone on trail, slow down and wait for them (unless its a zombie of course).

On After: The on after will be at the Coppertail Brewery, located at 2601 E 2nd Ave, Tampa, FL 33605,, directly across the street (Adamo), to the north, from the start.

Hareline: Click here to view it.