JRH3 Trail #1028
Sat, Sep 6th, 2014
Football's Back
Memorial Hash

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Hare Blessing

As we all know, hashing is about traditions,
And I’m glad to see these hares carry on this one.
Gentlemen; and I use that term loosely,
Thank you!

Thank you for honoring our beautiful B&B!

Repeat After Me!

Bless these Hares,
Bless this Trail,
Referee no Over-rule us,
Extra Point no Disappoint us,
Penalties no Piss off us

In the Name of the Flour,
The Fun,
And The Holy Run!

Shitty Name

Hare, FRB, FBI & Brainless Award Winner (Basic Hash Trash)

Lepracock, Finger In The Queen, I Be Smart & Rectal Room Mate were the hares, Swallows The Leader was the FRB, Blowing For Gold was the FBI and Gritty Kitty won the Brainless Award for mis-spelling B&B's name on the song sheet she handed out to everyone.


 Hash Trash (Expanded Hash Trash or map of trail)

Bed & Bucfest’s Football’s Back Memorial Hash was a beautiful day. The weather held for us, as hashers from all over came to remember our beautiful Harriette. Some notables were Ben Gay and his wife, Room Service, who flew down from Michigan to attend Satuday's trail, and Hazukashii and Mouth Full of Bush who flew in all the way from Hawaii just attend the wake on Friday night. And thank you to all the Orlando – O2H3-- and BVD Hashers who came over for the day.

Shitty Name RA’d our opening circle (but he and WillyWanka and the Cum Factory left soon after to go watch the Notre Dame game during trail—yuck!)

Your hares, Lepracock, Finger in the Queen, Rectal Roommate, and I Be Smart put on a wonderful trail, with a beautiful beer stop overlooking the water—where Snatch and Lepra managed to steal Dab’s infamous bicycle. All hashers wore their favorite Football Jersey/ Tee in honor of BnB’s annual Football’s Back, and most also wore red in her honor. The walkers’ procession was a sight to see with 50+ hashers coming down the street in red, and the runners worked up quite a sweat with the 3.5+ miles. All adhered to the new ‘B+B system’ that F-I-T-Q proposed as a request from B&B’s parents, where hashers are asked to stay in pairs for the duration of trail so no one Hasher is ever lost alone.

BnB- always thinking of the hash- still managed to bring out several virgins: Just Sabrina—her daughter, Just Heather—Sabrina’s friend, Just Nick—Sabrina’s boyfriend, and Just Jacob—BnB’s Son-in-Law (and Just Rachel’s husband)

Dances with Dildos, and Candy Wrapper accepted donations for delicious Kamikaze shots to benefit BnB’s Memorial Fund—you can still donate here: http://www.gofundme.com/dxj14w. Or you can also purchase one of Dog F’er and Thumper Humper’s patches to benefit memorial fund.

After a shitty trail (it’s always a shitty trail) Spicy Dick Slapper RA’d closing circle, but stepped aside when Lepra took over at the end.

Monkey See Monkey Poo and These Are the Tits You’re Looking For were awarded for multiples. O2H3 Harriette got some birthday cake baked in her beautiful curls (a combination of flour, beer, and hot sun) for her birthday—somehow On-Ahead snuck out of that one. Snatch Wrapper took pictures as Hash Flash, but On-Ahead made a special Flash appearance. There was a social when “Gone Too Long’s” were called into the circle— Creamy Cum Cakes, Ship Wrektum, Candy Wrapper, Yeast Infection, Likes To Watch, Pleasure Chest…. The list goes on and on. ‘Roxy’ even made an appearance in BnB’s favorite outfit. The beautiful Harriette had touched so many lives.

The day was spent reminiscing on wonderful, happy, loving memories of BnB. Gay Rodeo Clown and Dab-A-Doo created beautiful patches for the event. Gritty Kitty wrote an awesome jingle in honor of the fallen Harriette to the tune of BnB’s favorite song—Don’t Stop Believin’ (for which she also won brainless for misspelling Bed-n Bucfest’s name). A copy of it is below. Lepracock brought a tear to everyone’s eye, when he brought in B&B’s hash family-- Finger in the Queen, Urine Trouble, Blowing for ​Gold, Just Sabrina, Just Rachel, Just Nick, and Just Jacob—to On-Up BnB’s favorite new running shoes. As Urine Trouble covered them in flour, and Gritty Kitty, On-Ahead, U Drive, and others sprinkled rose petals lovingly, the hash gathered in {for probably a World Record size} group hug. One last plug, Lepracock is still looking for patches to adorn B-N-B’s Hippi, since she loved to road whore—so if you have any spare patches to donate, please get them to him.

The Kamikaze trend was continued inside Peggy O’Neil’s, the on-after, where all the Harriers and Harriettes in attendance took a shot in her honor. More fun was had with karaoke around the band as we sang and danced the night away.

Snatch Wrapper

Gritty Kitty

Trail Directions & Info

BnB's Memorial Hash: Bed-N-Bucfest, who passed away Fri, Aug 29th, 2014 while hashing on trail in Orlando, founded the annual Football's Back Hash theme in Tampa, which she hared annually on the Sat just prior to the first NFL regular season football Sunday of the year. It didn't matter which local hash the date fell on. She did them for both the JRH3 and the TBH3. She was all ready to hare it again this year for the 7th time and had even scouted out the trail with I Be Smart. In her absence, her husband, Lepracock, has signed up to keep her tradition going and make it a Memorial Hash in her honor. Wear your favorite football gear.

Where: Meet by the Chase Bank, located at 13998 W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33635, https://goo.gl/maps/UZ3IH. Its in the opposite end of the parking lot from Peggy O'Neill's Irish Pub & Eatery.

Meet at 3 PM, hares away 4 PMish.

Directions: From I-275 & I-4, go south on I-275 for 4.8 miles to Exit 39. Go north on the FL 589/Veteran's Expressway for about 4 miles to Exit 4. Go west on FL 580/Hillsborough Blvd for 7.3 miles and find Peggy O'Neill's on the left, http://goo.gl/maps/Wyysv.

Lepracock, Finger In The Queen, I Be Smart & Rectal Room Mate will be the hares.

This will be a 3.5+, semi-live trail, with 1 beer stop, 1 shot stop and a shiggy level of 2.5, on 1-5 scale, with 5 being the highest. Shiggy socks are a must unless you want your legs scratched-up!

On After:
The on after will be at Peggy O’Neills’ where they have great food, TV’s, and good cheep beer!! They have a kick-ass jukebox too!

Hotel Accommodations: The official hotel for the Debra Desmond Memorial, for Fri and/or Sat, Sep 5th & 6th, is the Holiday Inn Express, located at 3990 Tampa Rd, Oldsmar, FL 34677, https://goo.gl/maps/8cvo8, where we will get the Friends & Family Discount Rate ($59 a room). Be sure to let them know you are with the Debra Desmond Memorial Group. For online reservations click here. To make your reservations by telephone, call 877-834-3613. Our point of contact there is Cindy Dominick, Director of Sales.

Phone Number: For more information, or in case you get lost, call our mobile phone at 813-943-4855.

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