Jolly Roger H3
of theTampaBayMetroArea

Trail #869
 Thumper Humper & Dog F*cker's
SAKE It To Me Hash
Friday, March 1st, 2013

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Hare Blessings

Here's to Thumper and Dog F*cker too
They're our hares and I'm Dabaoo

This trail is live with only a little shiggy
But its Friday night, so that's no biggie

There will be SAKE at the beer stop that was brought back from Japan
You may like it, but I'm not a big fan

Then to Cissios for the on after
For  more SAKE and laughter

Repeat after me;

Bless these hares
Bless this trail
Coppus no catch us
Dog F*cker no Fuck us
SAKE no Stroke us

In the name of the flour
The fun
And the holy run

Hares away!

Standard JRH3 blessing


Hare, FRB, FBI & Brainless Award Winner (Basic Hash Trash)

Thumper Humper & Dog F*cker were the hares, Diaper was the FRB, YMCA was the FBI and Diaper won the Brainless Award.


 Hash Trash (Expanded Hash Trash or map of trail)

Coming soon?

Trail Directions & Info

Jolly Roger H3
Trail #869
Thumper Humper & Dog F*cker's
(Thank Gispert Its Friday)
 SAKE-It-To-Me Hash
(Note: SAKE, as in "Rice Wine")
Fri, Mar 1st, 2013

Where: Meet and park in the Equipment Sales Corp's parking lot, located  2101 W Morrison Ave, Tampa, FL 33606. Its behind the Tiny Tap Tavern. For a map, go to We have permission to park there without zero threat of getting towed. They no longer have a towing contract.

When: Meet at 6:30 PM, on trail at 7:30 PM.

Directions: From I-275 & I-4, in central Tampa, go south on I-275 for 1.8 miles to Exit 42. Take the Howard/Armenia Exit. Go south on Armenia for 1.3 miles. Go left on Swann for 0.1 mile. Take the 2nd right onto Howard for 0.3 miles. Go left on Morrison and find the Tiny Tap and starting location on the left. For a map, go to

Trail: This will be a 2-3 mile trail with 1 beer/SAKE stop and a shiggy level of 1 based, on a 1-5 scale with 5 being the toughest.

Hare: Thumper Humper & Dog F*cker will be the "live" hares.

Donations: Suggest $7 for drinkers and $3 for non-drinkers.

On After: The on after will be at Ciccio's, located at 1015 S Howard Ave, Tampa, FL 33606. To get there from the starting location, go right on Morrison and make the first left onto Howard. Find Ciccio's on the immediate right. You may want to just leave your vehicle at the start and walk. For a map, go to

Phone Number: For more information, or in case you get lost, call our mobile phone at 813-943-4855.

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