Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area

Trail #705
Just Martin's Virgin Lay
Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

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Hare Blessing

Spicy is mentoring Just Martin for his very first trail
Alive hares, they’ll run faster than electronic mail

The hares will cross swords and powder will be flying
And the pack better find beer, or hashers will be crying

While the hares have no shiggy to slow down their plight
Here’s hoping Just Martin doesn’t catch any stage fright

Repeat after me;

Bless these hares
Bless this trail
Coppus no catch us
Bad trails no hose us
No shiggy no bore us
Hashers no lose us

In the name of the flour
The fun
And the holy run!

Hares away!

Casual Friday

Hash Trash(es)

Spicy Dick Slapper & Just Martin (Benavidez) where the hares, Spread Cheeks was the FRB, Princes Laya was the FBI and Spread Cheeks won the Brainless Award.


Thanks to all wanks who participated in Wednesday’s hash. It was a lot of fun! Spicy and Just Martin did great laying their live trail, and who doesn’t love a PBR check! Thank you Shitty Name, for your spirited co-RAing efforts and thank you Whiney for your fine execution of on-sec duties. Creamy, welcome to the beer angel fold, you had your work cut out for you! Thank you beer van drivers for your time behind the wheel and thank you Dab for all you do to keep the JRH3 kennel running (GM, HC, BM, HF)! YOU GUYS ROCK!

Ready to play “Were you paying attention?”


1. What wank was hosed by Spicy's introduction of “British Markings?”

2. What wank hosed the virgin hare by putting a brick in his flour bag?

3. What wank hosed the construction workers by covering the inside of the PP stop with flour?

4. What wank sucks at collecting chalk?

5. What wank did not want to be alone on trail with her/his vaginal insert?

6. What wank will never have a song to save her/his life when called-upon?

7. What wank gave the fastest BJ ever witnessed by humankind?

8. What wank made a phone call to ask what to do when live hares were in front of him/her on trail?

9. What wank deserved the brainless award won in a landslide decision?

10. What wank gave up the FRB chain to go home and catch 40 winks?

Answers: 1. The Pack 2. Casual Friday 3. Just Martin 4. Fakawee 5. Auto Erotica 6. I Be Smart 7. Just Emilee 8. Spreadcheeks 9. Spreadcheeks 10. Diaper Dasher

On-On Wankers!
Casual Friday
JRH3 Scribe


Reserved for only the best of trails to be used as an example. If yours isn't here, maybe it because you didn't send us a copy of it. Yea, that's probably it. Either that or else it was just another Shi-tty-trail, shitty trail, shitty trail. The MFs laid a shitty trail! I would rather drink a beer than do your shity trail. Shi-tty-trail.

Trail Directions & Info

Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area

Trail #705
Just Martin's Virgin Lay
Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Where: Meet in the parking lot located just west of 3100 W Santiago St, in South Tampa, FL. Its in the parking lot next to Wings Gone Wild parking lot.

When: Meet at 6:30 PM, on trail at 7:30 PM.

Directions: From I-275 & I-4, in Central Tampa, go south on I-275 for 3.4 miles to Exit 41A. Go south on Dale Mabry Hwy for 2.4 miles, left on Bay To Bay Blvd for .8 miles, right on Mac Dill Ave and make the first right onto Santiago St just prior to the railroad tracks. Continue on Santiago St for about 200 feet and find the parking area on the right just prior to the Wings Gone Wild parking lot. Click here for a map.

Trail: This will be a 2.9 mile live hare trail with no shiggy. True trail is not dog or stroller friendly but work arounds will be provided.

Remarks: Bring a flashlight as it will be dark out during the later part of trail.

Hares: Spicy Dick Slapper and Just Martin (Benavidez) will be the hares. This will be Just Martin's virgin lay.

Donations: Suggest $6 for drinkers and $3 for non-drinkers.

On After: The on after will be at Wings Gone Wild, located at 3114 W Bay to Bay Blvd, back next to the start.

Who's Coming: Click here to see who's coming so far.

Phone Number: For more information, or in case you get lost, call our mobile phone at 813-943-4855.

Receding Hareline: Click here to view it.

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