Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area
Run #557
Cinco De Mayo Hash
Wednesday, May 5th, 2010
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Hare Blessing

Haring tonight is Pet Me I'm Drunk,
She brought another Hare, who was smuggled in a trunk.
Her partner in crime is Missionary Impossible,
Like illegal aliens, the two of them are unstoppable.
Although the trail is dead, on tonight's Hash,
Run like the Border Patrol is chasing our ass.
They've left a treat on trail of which we'll learn.
A shot of tequila, but don't eat the worm.
Itís not Independence Day that is Sept 16th
Itís Cinco de Mayo, when Mexico beat the French in 1862
So letís all drink a cerveza, Hash and then screw.

Repeat after me

Bless these Hares
Bless this trail
PolicŪas, no arrest us
Perros, no bite us
SeŮoritas, nos mostrar sus tetas

In the name of the Flour
And the Fun
And the Holy Run

On Out!


Hash Trash

Cerveza para todos!  The JRH3 Cinco De Mayo hash was a success; PetMe and M-I laid a fantastic trail and gave the pack a chance to cross the border and get hacked-up in thorny vines.   Thank you AlwaysTheBull for loaning me the parachute strapped to my neck, otherwise known as a sombrero for the festive occasion; it didnít help me get through the thorny vines very quick, however.   Thanks also to FuckleUp for making us all laugh with his hash name-appropriate t-shirt with the words; ďFree RidesĒ and a wheelchair handicap sign.  Also humorous was the Elite Sausage Fest (ESF).  If you would like to join the ESF, you must wear black shorts and your red JRH3 shirt, just like Puppy,  ShipRectum, WhineyBitch, and BlindPussy; however you must claim that you didnít call each other.  I loved JustBreannaís gecko hat, and Lepracockís 69-year old stinky baseball hat--not so much; my hair still smells like ass.   Thank you hares for the tequila-to-go shot stop, GRC looked like a natural sucking down shots in her bright poncho; you know sheís done that before and will do it again.  Thanks to Udrive for driving the beer van to the hash halt beer stop that Taint Tickler blew off once again in his attempt to win back the chain and the chicks.

Thank you pack for showing up and giving four Jolly Roger first-timers a fun circle; which reminds me I need to put together a SHORT/FUNNY joke book for the next hash!   Thank you ToyzInTheHood and WannaEarnAnA for volunteering to show JustGreg and JustRobert a good time in the middle of circle; Iíve heard from a certain hasher that itís always better with an audience!  Congratulations to Wanna, CheckOutMyMast and Rectum for earning headbands of honor, and kudos to the fast runners for sandbagging near ON-IN, allowing Fuckle to win the chain so he could impress his mom and his sisterís boyfriend; maybe heíll share their digits with Taint.  Nice to see Puppy, EdTheSock, WillSing4Head and Mast returning to the JRH3 fold, weíve missed you studs!  As if Fuckle didnít receive enough attention, he won the brainless award and proved he could make Udrive cum with one finger.  Thank you Math and Wanna for lubing the pack and of course big thanks to RectalRoommate for banging-it-out behind me! 

See you this Saturday at the pool!
Casual Friday

Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area
 Hash #557
Cinco De Mayo Hash
Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

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