Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area
Run #545
Tip for Cancer &
Farewell to Gator Hash
Wednesday, March 24th, 2010
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Hare Blessing

Missionary Impossible and Pet Me I'm Drunk
Arrr laying hash trail today.
They added Goo Lite Special to the mix
Because they wanted a Hare three-way.
They have placed a special shot
For us to drink along the trail.
In honor of Gator Ate My Penis
Since he has decided to bail.
And when the trail and circle Arr complete
And we all go to the bar
Remember those with cancer
And leave some money in the jar.

Repeat After Me

Bless these Hares
Bless this Trail
Heaven us, no soak us
Shiggy us, no make us bleed us
Gator us, please no leave us

In the name of the Flour,
The Fun
And the Holy Run



Hash Trash

PetMeI'mDrunk, MissionaryImpossible and GooLiteSpecial were the hares. GatorAteMyPenis was the FRB and the Brainless Award winner. This was Gators last run with the JRH3 as he is moving away to Virginia Beach South Carolina Virginia.


Hey Wanks!   

I want to give out a huge thank you to GatorAteMyPenis for a fantastic JRH3 RA run!  Last night's hash was a big success and the turn-out was fantastic!  It was great seeing the gone-too-longs and the visiting wankers joining us in sending off Gator.  PetMeImDrunk, thank you for laying trail last night, looked like many hashers took advantage of the fun/wet shiggy!  I'm kinda wondering who was the hash-tard that got stuck on top of the fence...but you know who you are!  Just Ted had a hell of a night watching his best friend suck on his sister, Gator went out with the FRB AND the Brainless award, and got tied up for 100 hashes; and don't forget about the crotch flouring!  Now THAT's entertainment!  Thank you beer wenches, you both had one heck of a challenge last night!  GooLightSpecial, thank you for sweeping for the slow, wet, drunk wankers, and big thanks to Blind Pussy for an awesome song for Gator!  

Gator, good luck in Virginia Beach and you better get a house with lots of wanker crash space!  

Forgotten Accusation for couples who dressed alike:

Blind Pussy and Hot Quarter Load
Lost My Balls and Pour It In The...
Whiney Bitch and Salad Tosser 

Casual Friday

Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area
Run #545
Tip For Cancer Hash & Farewell to Gator Hash
Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

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