Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area
Run #537
Monday, February 22nd, 2010
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Hare Blessings & Song

Hare Blessing:

Rectal and Dog Fucker Arr the Hares on this Monday night
A special edition Hash to send Dog Fucker off right
I know these Hash veterans will show us plenty of tricks
Lets hope for no package checks but plenty for chicks
Cause Dog Fucker will soon be surrounded by 1000's of men
And it may be quite awhile before he sees breasts again

Repeat After Me:

Bless these Hares
Bless this Trail
Atomic wing us no make us shit us
Hash us, Dog Fucker no more run us
Beer us, Dog Fucker no more drink us
Breast us, Dog Fucker no more see us

In the name of the Flour,
The Fun
And the Holy Run

On Out!

Hare Song during circle:

Dog Fucker, Dog Fucker,
You're going to Kuwait.
You'll live in a place,
They call "Camp Cupcake"
You'll be gone for awhile
It brings tears to my eyes
Cause in Kuwait there's no beer
The country is dry.
If you like beaches,
There's plenty of sand
And if you like sex,
You'll need your right hand
For the women in Burkas
Americans they hate
So if you want sex
You'll have to masterbate
But if you change your ways,
I have good news for you.
So Dog Fucker, bring a ladder
Because a camel waits for you.



Hash Trash

RectalRoomMate & DogF*cker were the hares, BlndPussy was the FRB and RectalRoomMate & DogF*cker won the Brainless Award. HotQuarterLoad was awarded a 25th run bandana, Gator was awarded a hare tag for laying 10 trails, GRC for 50 trails and Dab for 100.


Kudos to the entire pack for making last night's "See you at the end of the year DogF*cker" hash a huge and laughable success; from Rectal getting snared after jumping out of the moving beer van to lay the last 25 feet of a dead trail, to Likes To Watch for taking one for the team and dry-humping TaintTickler at the DogfF*cker checks (where the hell was the camera?). And thanks to Taint, I understand his grandma is now wandering around Walmart without her red bloomers on. Thank you Rectal and DogF*cker for giving us a trail with dead animals and much laughter, and thank you for being such good sports when you took the nectar of the brainless from the backwash container. Your flouring was quite entertaining as well! Nice to see Purity back in the fold looking as gorgeous as ever in her black tutu, keeping the pack lubed and the down-downs flowing efficiently. Thank you MathSucks for driving the beer van even though Rectal blamed you for not driving to the correct beer stop location--but we do know he gave you the wrong map. The upside of that is he got floured, you did not. Stripper Stiffer brought up a very good pint of lager, we need to pay attention to Black History Month in February and avoid using slave names, it's just not right. GRC made an appearance and joined the other 2 over-achievers for receiving another metal tag for being better than the rest of us sorry wanks; thank you Gator, Dab and GRC for your ambitious hash acts of bravery; we applaud you.


Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area
Run #537
Monday, February 22nd, 2010
"Special" Going Away Hash For Dog F*cker &
Its A Tu Tu Hash

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