Jolly Roger H3
Run #447
March 5th, 2009
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Hare Blessing

Bimbo on the Run laid trail that is CURSED
It has been some time since she laid her FIRST

12-hundred 74 DAYS
Due to her traveling WAYS

This second trail may be her very WORST
It has been so long this might be a PRANK
But if trail’s great we’ll have Bimbo to THANK

I’m sure we will tell the TRUTH
We aren’t known to be COUTH
So if the trail sucks she will walk the PLANK

Bless this hare
Bless this trail
Coppus no catch us
Doggus no bite us
Bimbo no run us

 In the name of
The Flour
The Fun
And The Holy Run


Hash Trash

Wankers were treated with an annual showing and haring from Bimbo on the Run! We gathered wearing shorts and tube tops, and finished wearing 69 layers of clothes. We did not know what kind of trail to expect, as we were pointed in the direction of much construction. While Weedon Park was closed, Bimbo made sure we saw plenty of water. There were 169 ponds in the maze of water reservoirs, and one had a very large vibrating thingy that held my attention until I felt the need to find beer. Kudos to Saigon Sally for pointing that out to me. While most of us fought through low shiggy with enough slap-backs to peel our faces off, the over-achievers took to the top of the dirt mounds to avoid trail-forced dermabrasion (You know who you are you wieners!). I searched high and low for package checks; and as usual, was foiled again. I even missed Porto-Pussy and I’m A Dick whip it out at their self-designated pee stop; I must be slipping. After tripping past our 569th water pond on something that once resembled squares of sod, and being scolded by a woman who felt she had the “need to know,” we found the beer check in a nice residential area. Being that it was not a hash halt, some of us slammed a beer and took off…us over-achieving walkers gotta get a leg-up somehow! The over-achieving runners executed a hairpin turn and ran through the beer stop; I hate them.

The return took us through similar shiggy; so similar it was just 2 feet over from the first half of trail! I can say it was a solid guarantee that no wankers got lost on this trail. Did I mention I miss Racing Stripes?

While shitty trail down-downs commenced, GlowDick took it upon himself to do a half-assed job of collecting chalk. I think the JRH3 lost half of its chalk supply on this one, as we all went home with a piece (is that a bad thing?). I was very impressed with Virgin Randy’s entertainment; he got on his knees and sang “Sit on my face” to Virgin Page. We all thought they knew each other. While Sweet I Da Ho did her best to pacify Ripley’s distaste for not being the center of attention, GlowDick executed the demo down-down for the two virgins. This was the first of many trips to the center of the circle for GlowDick. 2Short for a 3Sum drank for being an over-achiever as he was the FRB at the beer check and at finish. The little bastard had to drink again for not wearing hash attire and didn’t have a whistle! I am sad to report it was a sorry night for hash garb, as 769 wankers were in the circle drinking for not wearing hash attire, and 1069 wankers were drinking for not having a whistle! SLACKERS. I think a couple penalty butt-chugs will whip them all back into shape. The brainless award went to WillSing4Head for bringing a beast that was noisier than most wanking harriettes I know. I think I would have preferred Ripley chewing on his dingy more during circle, since that was the only time he was quiet. It got so bad, that Gator8 volunteered to poke Ripley to shut him up. There were a few accusations, some questionable, some anticipated; Gator8 was nominated for being a cock-knocker, GlowDick “just because”, Bimbo for haring trail on her back, and 2Short for not marking trail which helped him win. I nominate myself for not remembering any more than I did, but that’s a given at every hash.
Low was sung and once again, the pack got a piece!

Casual Friday

Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area
Run #447
Thursday, March 5th, 2009