Jolly Roger H3
Run #427
December 20th, 2008
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Hash Trash

The pack gathered at a Sweetbay parking lot, with Shot by a Whore leading his co-hares, Pork the Clown and Bringing Sexy Wetback through a pre-laid trail. They needed 69 minutes to lay 2 blocks of powder for a photo opportunity, so we gave them 69 seconds. We all wanted to see Shot run (isn’t there a book with that title?). Chalk talk was given, the hares kneeled down for their blessing and Shot’s dog rolled over and lifted his leg. The canine is catching onto typical hash behavior! Kitty Litter gave Saigon Sally a back rub to burn up some time given to the hares and that was the extent of hash calisthenics. Then we were off like a pack of snails!

I can’t tell you how much private property we ran through, but the photos on this website will show you. They’ll also show you it was a bad hair day for me, but once again, I digress. Trail took us along a very scenic creek including a water walkway that was posted, “No Trespassing County Property,” OOPS! Believe me, I purposely by-passed that photo opportunity, but I see on the hash photos, I Be Smart was all over it; another example of why he got his hash name. Gatorate My Penis was strolling about, we’re all happy he’s back and taking it easy; then he fessed-up to running a marathon earlier that morning. No more sympathy young wank! I had to laugh, as I noticed a pattern with Saigon Sally and Kitty Litter on trail; I can tell there is a ladies’ check ahead, because both of them always put their hands on their hips while standing still. Geez, I just opened up an opportunity for a bunch of fake ladies’ checks at the next JRH3 hash trail! The beer check was in an office building complex, which then led us to railroad tracks, I think. Don’t all trails lead us to railroad tracks? Sexy Wetback caught a ride with some boys on their new ATV toys with Lost My Balls running along side begging for a ride. The final on-in was very humorous; I ran across the parking lot in the direction of the beer van (who wouldn’t?) and I heard Shot chanting, “FRB…FRB….” So I looked around and it was me…I thought to myself, “Oh, hell no!” so I stopped. I think I pretended to stub my toe or pick my nose, maybe both. That’s when Saigon Sally pulled Quivering Heights in front of him and pushed her in as FRB. Being that she spent 1,069 minutes on trail flirting with USF cops and holding up trail progress; she deserved to wear the 269 pound chain around her neck for the next hash. Way to go Sally!

Memory dictates that Just Wendy, Tie Me Down Dick and I were in the circle drinking, but for what? I don’t remember—surprised?
Gone too long, maybe? Virgin Jesse who was brought by Shot gave us a joke that I think came from Shot, as it was as old and crusty as Shot’s shorts. Shot was tied up for 25 hash runs and the chain was lifted from Saigon’s shoulder and passed on to Quivering Heights (you know that’s only temporary!). GRC cleansed the brain again so Quivering Heights could drink from it. I must say, I got in a good shot of eight cheese balls in the skull this time around; I’ve been practicing my ball-tossing! Shot’s dog was named while passed-out in the back seat of his car (like daddy, like doggy). Shot let it slip that his dog was hit by a car and it was his fault because he let it out. “Hit by a Car” is the dog’s hash name because….”Hit by a car” and Shot’s to blame…he gives hashing a bad name! You knew that was coming! Just Wendy finally received her hash name after what seemed like 69 years of hashing. GRC came up with the play on nautical girl (because she was in the Navy—yeah, we’ll leave it at that!) and it stuck, “Naughty Call Girl.”

I must say, the pack failed to take the opportunity of an instant naming! Virgin Jesse had stopped on trail to help an elderly couple to their car. In return, the elderly lady gave him a pet rock to take care of; you can see it in the hash photos on this website. Why the hell this was not brought up in circle is beyond me! I found out about it between my Mich Ultra and chicken wings at the on-after! My God, the first thing I thought of was the Charlie Brown going trick or treating and only getting a rock “I got a rock” is a classic phrase! Let’s not forget about this trail adventure when it is time to name Just Jesse.

So, the hash swung and got a piece!

Casual Friday

Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area
Run #427
Saturday, December
20th, 2008

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