Jolly Roger H3
Run #425
December 11th, 2008
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Hares: Kitty Litter and Choice of a New Penetration!  

Well, the pack met on a windy night. Our GM was away with his Pirate Lady checking out the Cruise that the Jolly Rogers will part take in January. With us silly hashers left to our own devices, who knows what would happen. Kitty Litter took great control and we were rewarded with shitty beer and fun wanks a many.  

Truth be told we started a little slow, but warmed up fast. Songs were sang. Its A Small Dick After All, had to be done. Then we sent our wonderful hares off. Correction, birthday hares off. Hey we never did see them wrap their wangs around a mug but that's not first time promises have been broken.  We gave the hares a head start (who said head). We met our virgins. OMG did we really met a virgin named Wendle? That must be the first true virgin at a hash. Give it to me Wendle! That was for Pen!

 We did fun circles through trail and YBF's along trail. We also saw the most amazing house. These people went completely nuts with the lights. We took pictures and were in awwww!  We had a sweet little beer stop and did many turn around and again and again. Lost my Balls and CFB ran all over and still never seemed to find trail. Oh Well! Mean while the pack was getting a wee bit tired and decided to go back to the start. Thanks goodness the On In was back at the start, and A to A trail.  

We welcomed our virgins back who told the worst jokes. Sorry guys they really sucked. But all was not bad. We did get to see pretty bobbies from Git.  

The rain started again and we finished circle at the on after. Glow Dick lost his ID and Goo got the brainless award for her virgin. I forgot why I had too much beer at this point. Is there such a thing as too much beer? 

All it was just another shitty trail. See you all at the Full Moon Hash!

Compliments of
Bed and BucFest
with some minor editting by Dab



Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area
Run #425
KittyLitter's B-Day Hash
11th, 2008

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