Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area
Run #411
day, September 27th, 2008

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Hare Blessing

The Dynamic Duo returns to the hash
They’re haring again, they’ll make the pack thrash
We’re in for some shiggy
This trail will be shitty
They’ll be in for an evil backlash!

With Dab haring his second trail of the week
The pack is ready for the havoc he’ll wreak
With GRC by his side
Thank ‘G’ she’s his bride
Or we’d just think he’s a hashing geek!

Gay Rodeo Clown is the hashing queen
Her trail’s filled with shiggy, but she looks pristine
If this trail is pre-laid
The pack is unswayed
We’ll still want the hare snare routine

Bless these Hares
Bless this trail
Coppus no catchus
Doggus no bite us
We’re looking for shiggy
It’d better surround us
Or pissed off we’ll be!
In the name of the flour
And the fun
And the holy run
On out!

By HarelipDog

Hash Trash

Goo Light Special led the on-start circle; and as usual, Dab conducted chalk talk. The hares promised virgin territory, and I do believe we got it! I had no idea where I was, but that is nothing new. Goo had her hands full with 6 or 7 virgins and a dog fight. As the usual FRB was not present at the on-start, the other usual FRB donned the chain; being the good sport that Saigon Sally is! GRC was kind enough to leave a true trail for Harelip Dogg and me as we arrived late and had previously planned on running the trail to catch up with the pack. Radies’ Man left chalk art for Harelip and I; it took me a minute to see that it was a du de with his disproportionate wiener hanging out. Thank you RM; that was a nice surprise; and it reminded me that I had to pee. We took off through the park and wouldn’t you know it, after three days of storing up my intake of food, the urge hit! Thank goodness we ran through some light shiggy that required the hares to leave toilet paper; I was in luck!

After running by the smallest “HLD Xing” I’ve ever seen on trail (a mud puddle the size of Harelip’s toddler-butt) and passing the shortest bad trail we’d ever seen (a 5-foot long bad trail on a wooden bridge), Harelip and I caught up with the pack at the first beer check…good timing! Not sure how they knew we were right behind them as we’re old school hashers; we do not carry technology on trail except for a car key (I guess that would have been technology for “G”). I wondered about the flour on the back of Phuk Pocket; strange enough, it looked like “HH”. Talk about a hash halt! I’m sorry I missed that pack stopper and will have to make an inquiry to my favorite girlfriend at a later time.

The fantastic virginal trail took us up some dirt hills, and at that time Sally was leading the pack with HLD on his tail. Sally kindly waited for Harelip to catch up and rightfully, gave him his 569 pound FRB chain. I’m sure Harelip was glad he drove my car to the hash like he stole it, just to get another chain bruise on his ribcage.

The second beer stop that was actually the end, came up fast. Yeast Infection and Harelip were neck and neck to get to the beer, thinking it was another stop. HLD spotted the flour circle and not wanting to run another trail with the dreaded 1,069 pound chain banging on his chest cavity; he throttled back and allowed Yeast Infection to win the hash (that’s HLD’s story). The virgins entertained the pack and Just Scott gave us his version of an interpretive dance; I was impressed with his balance and I could tell he had practiced. Radies’ Man received the brainless award as he auto-hashed. Apparently he tore-up his ankle when he drew a pecker on the sidewalk—another inquiry I’d like to make at a later time. Black & Decker Pecker Wrecker took advantage of Radies’ being a gimp; she executed an interpretive filling of his brainless vessel. Thumbs up for booby sweat and beer! Just Shane received his hash name, “Failure to Launch” due to not leaving Mommy’s house until he was 2069 years old. Purity gave Yeast Infection his blow job, and he took his sweet time—we had to finally break it up! I’m fuzzy on the accusations, but do know that I skirted getting called in the circle for a shitty act on trail, and am now relieved to announce that my new shoes are not new anymore, they’ve ran two hashes and have scouted trail three times!

Darkness fell and the hash got a piece.

Casual Friday

Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area
Run #411

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

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