Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area
Run #407
Dab's Birthday Hash
Thursday, September 11th, 2008

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Hare Blessing

It's Dab's birthday and I think its great
But I wonder if this is all a mistake
We want to surprise him
By now, he's seen too many damn cakes

He's had too many hashes, too many to count
Some bad and some good, but he's not one to flout
He's led a mean pack
ANd his trails are no slack
If we catch him, he will just pout!

So line up you hashers and get in a line
And Dab, you bend over. Show us your ass that's fine
Get ready for a spanking
Oh no! We're not wanking
You'll remember this hash for all time!

Hash Trash

It all started when Harelip Dog and I were driving to the hash, and we spotted the hare! We immediately pulled out of traffic, bolted out of the car and swatted Dab on his posterior! The question of the day is; does it count if the hare is snared during pre-lay? Between the time the hare was spotted during pre-lay and the start of the hash, it rained and washed away most of Dabís efforts. At start, a well orchestrated spanking machine caught Dab on the way out as he left to lay trail for the second time. I think we gave him a 69-hour head start, as the pack executed hash aerobics until we couldnít move anymore.

Tiny little Smells Like Fish put her knee bands on and we all applauded Bullshit as he was sure to get sex on trail. Kitty Litter stole Shot by a Whoreís cock ring and wore it on his nipple; cheap bastard couldnít get his own ring. Saigon Sally did the right thing and donned the 550 pound chain and ran with it around his neck. I convinced Radies Man to run hard so he would win the hash. I told him the Jolly Rogers do it differently than the rest of the hash world; winners get sexual favors from the RA. Since Racing Stripes helped Dab with the trail, I ran with him for another round of short-cutting tips; we saved six feet of trail this time.

The second beer check was stealthy, as we all missed it. Lightning Rod and Dab had a few lusty pulls while they waited for a pack that never showed. The circle welcomed one virgin, one visitor, and Just Wendy got her blowjob. Harelip drank out of the skull funnel AGAIN and Raidies Man complained there were no ladies checks on trail. P tied one on for 10 hashes and Goo/Caught From Behindís dog celebrated by licking herself for 369 minutes.

I was jealous.


Casual Friday

Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area
Run #407

Dab's Birthday Hash
Thursday, September 11th, 2008

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