Jolly Roger H3

of the Tampa Bay Metro Area
Run #395
Thursday, July 10th, 2008



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Hare Blessing

Iíll Take ĎEm Both is leading this trail
With two Virgin Hares sheíll lead by the tail
Going this way and that way
But never the right way
This trail is gonna fall off the rails.

An unlikely threesome is one that we see
Itís certainly 'in one' that I like to be
This is as close as Iíll get
Am I making them wet?
No, I think they just have to pee

PhukPocket is on her Virgin Lay
Itís gonna be shitty, thatís all that Iíll say
We hope we can catch her
Just lay down and spread her
Better run, keeping the pack at bay

By HarelipDogg

Hash Trash

What a turn-out. We had Pussy Galore....not just the hasher but lots of Pussy. We had Porto Pussy (welcome to Jolly Roger, dude, you are a fantastic addition to our kennel). We had Gritty Kitty (the adventure tour guide) Kitty Porn even made circle if not trail. Meow!

So good to see our sweet Cheesy Ho, Oedafist cum out & play. Even if we didn't have any cheesy balls for her to pass out.

Our hares were the beautiful threesome of Goo, I'llTakeThemBoth and introducing our voluptuous PhuckPocket on her virgin lay! That's the last time you get to be a virgin. Hope it was good for you too!

They didn't make a secret that this was a dead trail. Would have been kind of tough since they came walking up with enough flour on them to bake a cake. Maybe 2 cakes.
Trail began behind an office building. We made sure to wave to all the poor wankers that were still working. They seemed to be thrilled at the distraction. 50 something people just strolling down the road.

PortoPussy was the FRB to the beer stop.  He began encouraging hashers to get a "lime" off the "lime tree" at the beer stop, but the proper species of tree was identified by our token botanist/biologist, Gritty Kitty, as an orange tree. "See all the oranges hanging off the bottom?" She also provided us with a walking tour of the all the nature that was around us while on trail. Along with a fabricated history of the area. So this was fun and educational. Sorry we couldn't find the elephants. Not that we didn't try. Candy Wrapper and Pleasure Chest did an impression of a couple but there was no fooling that clever guide of ours.

Just Darcy must have been worried about beer stops because she had a vessel that could fit 4 beers. Rock on, you're a real woman!!!

Just Laura did a chalk outline of our dear quiet reserved HareLipdog. She is such a good helper. Thanks for pitch hitting for beer bitch. You rock. Shit, when are we naming that cutie!

We were blessed with 2 virgins, Just Phil and Just Bill. If you thought you had fun this time, wait until you cum back and get your blow jobs.

Farfromfuc*ing was the FRB on in. HLD was more than happy to unload that chain. But we had other business first.

We had 4 count them 4 blow jobs: Just Dan, Just Eric, Just Myra & TitWhore. CFB took care of Just Myra, Oxy took care of Titwhore and Just Dan and Just Eric of course were taking care of by who else, I'llTakeThemBoth!!

We had many cum-a-lot hashers. BringingSexyWetBack turned 10 and IBS turned the fun number of 69. Get a life, get a life, get a life, life, life!

Speaking of IBS, many of you may know that he and the Fiery Red OnAhead got married last weekend in Vegas! Congrats you beautiful people. We of course had to award them the Hash Sh*t (Brainless Award) for the silly behavior. WannaEarnAnA cleased the trophy, easier said that done. Donations were collected and they shared the rewards.

And then, Racing strips without missing a beat brought out the ball & chain that was giving to him just a few short months ago. He passed on the ball & chain to IBS who wore it with pride.

We also had our share of late cummers. Kitty Porn, CFB, Begs, SextraCredit and the fabulous DufusWhiteboy from up north. Just got to love a hasher that cums late baring homemade chocolate cookies, yummy!!

See you all soon?

On being silly, happy & goofy


Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area
Run #395
Thursday, July 10th, 2008

  • Where: Meet in the strip mall parking lot of the Tampa Ale House, located at 14803 N. Dale Mabry, Tampa, FL 33618.

  • When: Meet at 6:30 PM, on trail at 7:30 PM sharp!

  • Directions: Click here for a map.

    • From Wesley Chapel, to the north: Go south on I-75, south on I-275, right, or west on Bearss, at Exit 53 for 3.3 miles, left, or south on Dale Mabry for .2 miles and find the Tampa Ale House on the left.

    • From Brandon, to the south: Go north on I-75, left, or west on Fletcher at Exit 266 for 10.1 miles, right on Dale Mabry for 1.2 miles and find the Tampa Ale House on the right.

    • From Lakeland, to the east: Go west on I-4, north on I-75, left, or west on Fletcher at Exit 266 for 10.1 miles, right on Dale Mabry for 1.2 miles and find the Tampa Ale House on the right.

    • From St. Pete, to the west: Go north on I-275, left, or north on Dale Mabry for 9.1 miles and find the Tampa Ale House on the right.

  • Cost: $5 Donation.

  • Hares:  I'llTake'EmBoth & PhukPocket (with potential help from Goo).

  • On After: The on after will be at the Tampa Ale House, back at the start. They will have a section reserved for at least 25 hasher and after 9:00 PM the harriettes should drink for free because it is ladies night.

  • Phone Number: For more information, or in case you get lost, call our mobile phone at 813-943-4855.

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