Jolly Roger H3
Run #3
June 19th, 2008

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Hare Blessing

Tie Me Down Dick
Is the Hasher we picked
To lay a shitty trail
It’s down town, we are
Don’t get hit by a car!
Or someone’s ass will get sticked!

My Greek Salad needs Tossing
But she is not Bossing
She’s only along for the ride
But that’s all too well
And we’ll never tell
It’s really HER trail we’ll be crossing.

It’s the second hash of the week
Are we really all geeks?
Do we really have nothing to do?
This trail’s gonna kick
Especially one hared by a Dick
And a Salad that’s Tossed by a Greek

Hash Trash

Like most I wasn't sure about going to downtown Tampa for trail. No parking, but there was. No shiggy, and there was that too.

We started off a little shaky waiting on the beer van and with our skinny homeless guy that was hanging around.
HLD want to thank-you for giving him a dollar so he would stick around longer.

But all us wankers had just a wonderful time.

Maybe it was the way we started by teasing our beloved Kitty Porn. To get this goofy hasher to say her entire name all of us introduce ourselves with Porn in our name. GRC got us together and the game was afoot. This seasoned hasher figured it out right away but to be a good sport when her time to give her name came she answered with "Kiddie NOT Porn!" Very cute!

We had 6 virgins cum to our lovely downtown location. Have to admit these Virgins were well prepared.
There was Virgin Gerry, another Steelers Fan. He provided us with a football cheer. Pork and IBS were thrilled. Virgin Nikki graced us a fun grinding dance. Virgin Dan sang us a song that finished as his own Hasher Song. Well done dude! Virgin Mika entertain with a charming little joke. I think Virgin Eric told a joke. So much commotion going on it was hard to focus. 

Virgin Jenna was not the least bit shy. She hit on the RA at the beginning of circle. When Harelip asked her who made her cum she replied "Want to know why you haven't made me cum! Damn, that was impressive. This chick was made for Hashing.

Now how many times do we have to go over this. Never and I repeat NEVER trust a Hare. When TMDD said trail was short that was a tell and when they said absolutely no shiggy another clue. So boys and girls let's review, never trust a hare.

Gotta say trail was a trip. We went over bridges…a lot of bridges. Climb up brick walls….Saw a Manatee. No shit right there in Tampa Harbor. Too cool.

Well I didn't see a Manatee but somebody down there did. Cocktail and I tired to find it but we're distracted when we heard beer was near. We have our priorities. 

Just Shea, excuse me "Bringing Sexy Wet Back" got the Brainless Award. She received our most precious trophy for trying to name herself. She actually gave Dab a list. Silly hasher. Then she was super surprise when he threw her under the bus in front of the pack. So she was twice blessed, named and got the Brainless Award. Now what makes me think this won't be the last time she holds that skull? Hmmmmm

Phuck Pocket, JustJoe, TMDD, Toss, Just Sarah, Shot By A Whore, PorkThe Clown, Bed&BucFest, Wanna Earn An A, Kiddie P&%n, Venomous Cooter, Bringing Sexy Wet Back) Dab are all up for the Triple Crown Award. I plan on being at the Birthday Extravaganza tomorrow. Can promise that it will be a ton of fun!!!!

So all and all it was just another Sh*ty Trail.  Only 10 more trails until Super Soaker! See you tomorrow to celebrate Oxy, Lucky and our sweet GRC's Birthday.

On looking for that frigging manatee….Bed&Bucfest


Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area
Run #390
Thursday, June 19th, 2008