Jolly Roger H3
Run #3
Chaptized's Farewell Hash
June 5th, 2008

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Hare Blessing


Chaptized will go down in history
Which leaves us all pondering his mystery

Wherever he goes,
He's always full of prose
Which makes us question his ancestry

To us, he will always be special
We wonder what he keeps in his vessel
We think its Viagra
Women flow like Niagara
When he engages them in conversations 'metaphysical'

Now he's off to a foreign land,
So raise your arms and give him a hand
He'll stumble around
And fall to the ground
As a "Jolly Roger" hashing in Deutschland!


Hare Toast
Here's to the Hound,
With his 10-minute clock.
Here's to the hasher,
With a 12-inch cock.
Here's to the Hash House,
With honor and Grace.
Here's to the Harriet,
With her puss on my face!
Here's to the trail,
As shitty as can be.
And here's to the hare,
Whose ass-cheeks we'll see!!!


Hash Trash

The good news is that I didn't cry. Yeah!!!  The bad news is that we had to say good-bye to a very dear friend. My goodness, did the crowd cum out for this hasher.

We saw people that I thought moved out of Tampa.

Clitigator, I was beginning to think you were a myth. SheFukmeTwice and Sh&ty Name were there, and DocFixaBox who has been way too busy for us silly hashers. I am pretty sure that CFB and I'llTakeThemBoth cut class to be there. People moved meetings and mountains to be sure that they were in attendance.

Even our long, lost Cheesy-Ho, Odafist showed up!!

Not that we weren't missing a few fan favorites. Floppy, IBS, and OnAHead were out of town. Gee, plan better next time.  Sweet I Do Ho are you ever hashing again. We named you at the beach and then never saw you again. That is such a dude thing to do. Cum back to us, we are a ton of fun!!!

Now for the trail. Chaptized as always gave some Intel to the walkers and made our trail just a little bit easier. Sorry runners, that is just the way it needs to be. We were all over down town, well not really but it sounds good. Thank-you Just Jimmy for making sure us goofy hashers didn't miss the beer stop. Nicely done. Thank-you to GRC for the bug spray. You are such a good Hash Mom!!!  

The runners were lucky enough to go across the water to Davis Island...why wouldn't a trail layed by Chaptized cross the water???

We had virgins all the way from Jolly Old England. And who can forget our late cummer Virgin Bruce. We are going to have some fun with this guy, I can just tell. What a collection of hashers!! We had babies, dogs, and many ladies turned out for the last hash of this very special guy.  

FistDeep you are a very good babysitter!  And got to tell loved the Nerd Beer Glasses!!!!!  

Oh and did I forget to mention that Chap paid for all us wankers. Thanks again sweetie. Did we all give you enough sugar? Not that you wouldn't received a ton of kisses from us goofy girls. Can't help ourselves. You make it so easy.

Congrats Just Laura to finally making it to a hash on time. Just Darcey, nice to see you back. Need to cum more often girl.

Circle was super fun. HareLip was trying to keep control of us but my goodness that was not a easy task. Brainless Award naturally went Chap for leaving us. Sweet, funny and charm that can go on for days are just a few things I can say about this guy. Chaptized, who will I harmlessly flirt with now???? :(

We named a Just Pam at the On After. Now and forever more she will be known as Phuk Pocket. Don't ask how we got there, it was a long and serious process. Ok it was just a long process. 

Well all and all it was just another Sh*ty Trail.

Bye Chaptized, cum back and see us soon.

See you all at Strokes Memorial Hash this Saturday!


Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area
Run #387
Chaptized's Farewell Hash
Thursday, June 5th, 2008