Jolly Roger H3
Run #3
Running of the Bulls Hash
May 29th, 2008

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Hash Trash

It was a beautiful day on the USF Campus. Go BULLS!!!!

TMDD and Toss gave us a wonderful trail. We went over hill and dale, bridges and a bunch of other stuff. 

WannaEarnAnA was so cute with her Pompoms. Way to go for the theme baby!!!

Want to welcome our newest Hasher Just Brian. Man you are super cool, hope to see you again and again. More about Brian later….

That fish hook marker was a really cool idea. Not that any of the hashers listen to it but it was good in theory. Yes, Floppy and Wanna I am speaking to you.

Always love a clothing check. Thank-you OnAHead for switching shirts with me. Love the way you plan ahead. He he

Warning to those ranging, Oxy missed the one and only beer stop due to ranging. Silly, silly man!!

And what is up with only one beer. Multiply is always better. That means multiply for anything.

Just Pam, so good to see you again. Need to name this girl soon!

A big thank-you to Pleasure Chest for driving the beer van and keeping us off Campus Police Radar. Not an easy task.

Favorite Quote of the evening, "When one Hedon drinks all Hedons drink!"

So we're in circle and DufusWhiteBoy, from the Gainesville H3, pulls up with home made chocolate chip cookies He sang asong while bending over Xena. Something about Sodomy? Too much fun!  

The brainless award went to RoomService and BenGay for being stupid. Yes they got married. 2nd hasher couple this year and I believe we are going to have a least one more.

Is there something in the beer? Very scary!! Now about our virgin, Xena requested a song for the married hashers and Brian adapted the down down for them. Now that dude is a hasher. Know you'll be back.

Well all & all it was just another Sh*ty Trail.

See you all tomorrow at the Fat Boy Hash.





Jolly Roger H3
of the Tampa Bay Metro Area
Run #386
Running of the Bulls Hash
Thursday, May 29th, 2008